Located in San Jose, Buddy’s Cannabis™ represents a new class of medical marijuana collectives. We work exclusively with a select group of artisan farmers to ensure that our members enjoy only the freshest high-grade cannabis. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is committed to serving you. We even thought of the little things, like product packaging. All of our strains are always provided in recyclable glass. This better protects your medicine and the environment.

Buddy’s is a true community organization. In addition to providing our members with safe and legal access to quality medicine, we actively participate in local food drives and in events to raise money and awareness for breast cancer, AIDS and other serious diseases.

Buddy’s Cannabis offers Top Quality Medical Marijuana in San Jose

Buddy’s also seeks to celebrate life with the help of our local artists and musicians! We have over a hundred pieces of original art on display at our health center for our patients’ enjoyment. Everybody is invited to exhibit their art at Buddy’s, and they may put it on consignment if they wish always free of any charges or fees.

Buddy’s Cannabis. Exceptional products and service for a responsible community.™