Buddy’s Cannabis (“Buddy’s”) is a not-for-profit medical marijuana collective. Buddy’s members are qualified patients and their primary caregivers, as defined under HSC§11362.5, who associate within California in order collectively and cooperatively to serve their health needs, including through the cultivation and distribution of premium-grade marijuana for medical purposes.

To be eligible for membership to Buddy’s, you must:

  1. Be a California Resident, age 21 or older, and have a valid ID and proof of residency (see below);
  2. Have either (i) a current recommendation from a California-licensed physician for medical marijuana; or, (ii) a current California Medical Marijuana Identification Card issued by a California county health department; and,
  3. Complete, sign and return our Membership Agreement.

Proof of Identity: We only accept the following documents as proof of identity: A valid driver’s license or DMV identification card issued by any of the 50 U.S. states or the District of Colombia; a valid passport from the U.S., Canada or Mexico; or, a valid U.S. Permanent Resident Card or U.S. Visa. (Note: An expired California driver’s license or ID card will be accepted as proof of identity, but only if it’s accompanied by an unexpired California Interim Driver’s License or Interim ID Card and the addresses on both documents match.)

Proof of Residency: We only accept the following documents as proof of California residency: A valid California driver’s license or DMV ID card issued with a California address other than a P.O. box; or, a utility bill that’s in the applicant’s name, is less than three months old, and has a California address other than a P.O. box. (O.K.: bills for gas, electric, water, cable or house phone. Not O.K.: cell phone bill, residential lease, bank statement.)


The Steps to Membership:

  1. We’ll need to make copies of your proof of ID, proof of residency, and original physician’s recommendation (or Medical Marijuana ID card). We can obtain these documents during your first visit to our facility. Please Note: You’ll need to bring your original physician’s recommendation when joining. We cannot accept copies. 
  2. We’ll attempt to verify your information. Under California law, we’re required to verify the validity of your physician’s recommendation (or Medical Marijuana ID card), as well as his or her identity and licensing status.  (Note: If you’re acting as a qualified patient’s primary caregiver (e.g., spouse or domestic partner), then we’ll also need to meet that patient.) This verification process usually takes less than ten minutes, and we’ll inform you promptly of the results.
  3. Please complete, sign and return our Membership Agreement.  Once we’ve notified you that your information has been verified (see Step 2), you’ll need to read, complete and sign our Membership Agreement. Each member must agree to consent to the City of San Jose copying and inspecting Buddy’s records that pertain to that member for purposes of program compliance.

– Please call with any questions during our normal hours of operation. (408) 298 -8837.